Architectural Photography Toolbox

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Over the years I’ve constantly invested in state of the art equipment, software and workshops.


For architectural photography I use the the 60 megapixel Phase One IQ260 medium formaat digital back on an  Rm3d series Arca Swiss technical camera with a set of Schneider Kreuznach digitar lenses.

The astonishing quality of the back and it’s amazing way of capturing subtleties in light and color are overwhelming. The output can’t be compared with the output of any other camera system.

Combined with the Arca Swiss  CUBE C1 head the camera offers meticulous precision.


Later this year (2015) the 50,6 megapixel Canon 5Ds will join my other  Canon DSLR cameras: 1ds Mark II, 1ds Mark III and  1Dx.

With the TS-E 17 mm , the TS-E 24 mm II, the TS-E 45 mm,TS-E 90 mm this range of DSLRs used to form the backbone for my architecture shoots. Now they are used as back-up and in specific situations.

A series of wide angel- , tele-, macro- and zoom-lenses complete the set of lenses for any other assignment.


For aerial Photography and  645DF+ camera with the IQ 260 and Schneider Kreuznach LS lenses is mounted on a Kenyon-labs KS-6×6 gyro stabilizer.


To my Multiblitz, Broncolor and Elinchrome flash sets I added three Profoto D1 500 Air monolights and a handy BatPac as external power supply.


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