Interior photography of Westfront visitor centre in Nieuwpoort

Interior photography of Westfront visitor centre in Nieuwpoort

Last minute interior photography of Westfront visitor centre.


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Saturday 10/18/2014 the Westfront monument and visitor centre in Nieuwpoort was inaugurated. It drew a lot of attention.

The monument went trough a serious restoration and also got a new destination.

Architects Bruno Dekoning of the  Antwerps Architecten Atelier  and Architectenbureau Rob Geys joined forces.  They converted the space underneath the monument in to a visitor centre and museum.

 Artes  was general constructor.

Zumtobel  took care of the indoor and outdoor lighting.


First things first

As you can see in an this post I was invited a few weeks earlier to the site.

At that time a lot of work was still going on which made it impossible to make a complete reportage.

For the interior I was limited to one shot. I knew I would have to come back.

Outdoors it was beter. But I  still had to get rid of cables and machines in post production.

Anyway I decided to wait until dusk to make evening shots. At exactly the right moment the moon appeared through the clouds, behind te building. Ideal.

A fortnight later

At the start of the week I called A.A.A. to inform about the status quo.

It had progressed substantially but not everything was optimal. By friday, a day before the inauguration, everything would be finished.

In the meanwhile A.A.A had seen the evening shots A had taken before and liked them so much that they ordered 3 extra ‘dusk’ shots from 3 different points. This meant I had to make one thursday evening, one friday morning and one friday evening and in between I would have to shoot the interior.

No problemo

I prayed for dry weather and a vacant hotel room in Nieuwpoort. And thursday evening I was on site ready for the first set of evening shots.

Thanks to the cooperation of the city of Nieuwpoort everything went smoothly.

Friday morning at 06.30 h all the in- and outside lights were lit, as promised and I could carry out the second set of ‘dusk’ shots, this time from across the water.

Last minute

Saturday was the grand opening, so friday things were still hectic. The furniture people, the scenographers and the curators were busy with last minute details. In the meanwhile the auditorium in the center of the open space was being prepared for a press conference for the Lichtfront event, that same evening.

In the midst of this I had to shoot my pictures. Not so obvious in such a stress environment.

Most people had seen the evening shots that I had made two weeks before and  were somehow impressed by them. That gave me the necessary credit to get great cooperation.

During the afternoon all fell in to place and I could pick up pace.

Smoke on the water and fire in the sky

Around 18.30 h journalists started to invade and it was time to prepare for the third set of “dusk” shots.

Outside a large crowd had gathered to see the fire show that was part of the lichtfront event.

Surprisingly the outdoor lighting of the monument was not switched on. I quickly made a telephone call and 2 minutes later the lights came on.

A bright glow appeared behind the monument and a few moments later it disappeared  in a thick cloud of smoke that came my way. The fire show had started.

Just in time a light breeze drove it away and by 19.30 h all images were shot.

It had been a long day. But I had finalized the reportage, just in time.


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